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The Ones We Don’t Forget

You see me referring to “Fluffy” or “Fido” a lot here. That’s because we hardly ever get to learn the actual names of our patients. For the nameless thousands who haunt our dreams, their stories never leave our memories or our hearts.

1a.m. is a bad time to be hit by a car. I picked up a female white and tan pit bull with a severe femur fracture. The driver who hit her was long gone. She had soft, kind eyes. Despite her pain, she tried to wag her tail when she saw me. Her leg swelled and bruised at the fracture site as I watched, giving a hint of severe internal bleeding. I knew there was no doctor on duty to administer pain medication or treatment. My options were crushing: put her in a kennel to suffer with pain and possibly bleed to death until a doctor arrived in the morning; or euthanize this sweet dog to prevent her from having to suffer more. I sobbed at the thought of either.

Her condition continued to deteriorate en route and by the time I reached my shelter, she was very pale and depressed. I sat on the floor facing her, her front paw resting in my lap and her head on my knee. I knew she wouldn’t make it through the night. I injected euthanasia solution into her vein. Neither one of us moved after it was done. Her suffering was over. But my heart still ached for not being able to save her.

We may not be able to save them all. But we don’t forget them.

  1. lorla24
    March 16, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    God there are too many of those faces that haunt my memories!!!!

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